CBC Radio Active: Re-cap of the Oilers season

I joined Rod Kurtz on CBC Radio Active to recap the Oilers season and what the priorities should be this summer. Full segment is here: CBC Radio Active (2022, June 7)

Topics we covered:

  • The Oilers series against the Avalanche, where the team struggled and what their opponents did well.
  • The impact Jay Woodcroft has had on the team, reasons for their success and why it should be the Oilers top priority to bring him and Dave Manson back full-time.
  • Priorties for the management team this summer, including integrating analytics into their decision-making process, avoiding long term deals with free agents who are likely see a decline in their productivity, fixing defence and goaltending. And uncovering the players who can drive offence and improve the team’s odds of winning games.

Thanks as always to the great team at CBC for putting it all together!


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