The SuperFan Podcast – Episode 44 – Romulus’ Apotheosis (@RomulusNotNuma)

Joined by Romulus’ Apotheosis (@RomulusNotNuma) on the show to discuss the Edmonton Oilers playoff run, what the key drivers have been (aside from McDavid), and what the weak spots are. We also talked about the impact this playoff run will have on the Oiler’s decision-making process in the off-season, especially with some key RFA players like McLeod, Puljujärvi and Yamamoto needing contracts. And we discussed why the Oilers should be changing their overall approach in constructing a roster and managing the cap, and being cautious with signing Kane to a long-term deal.

Full segment below:

Podcast channels:

Music: Anitek. “Show me.” Anitek Instrumentals Vol. 4, 2010.


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