The SuperFan is a blog focused on the Edmonton Oilers. My main interests are statistical analysis, including team and player evaluation. This blog also includes a collection of my work from graduate school that explores the relationship between hockey fans, information and communication technology (ICTs) and new media.

I started this blog as a student in the Communications and Technology (MACT) program at the University of Alberta. My final research paper “SuperFan 2.0: Exploring the produsage qualities of hockey fans” examined the participatory culture of online hockey fans and their blogging activity. The full research paper including a brief abstract can be accessed through the University of Alberta’s Education and Research Archive.

I also put together a public lecture entitled “Hockey Analytics: The new wave of information and the online fan community that is driving the field”. You can view the lecture on Livestream.

I’m currently a freelance writer for The Athletic Edmonton and The Copper & Blue, and make regular appearances on TSN 1260. I’m also an Oilers Analyst with CBC Edmonton. I was previously a contributor for Hockey in Society, a blog that explores the social and political issues of the game.

I’m also a former member of the University of Alberta Alumni Council and the Senate. Related posts can be found under the Alumni Council category.

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