Hi, I’m Sunil Agnihotri. Welcome to my web site!

The SuperFan is a blog containing my commentary and statistical analysis on the Edmonton Oilers and the National Hockey League. This blog also includes a collection of my work from graduate school that explored the relationship between hockey fans, information and communication technology (ICTs) and new media.

I started this blog as a student in the Communications and Technology (MACT) program at the University of Alberta. My final research paper “SuperFan 2.0: Exploring the produsage qualities of hockey fans” examined the participatory culture of online hockey fans and their blogging activity. The full research paper including a brief abstract can be accessed through the University of Alberta’s Education and Research Archive.

I also put together a public lecture entitled “Hockey Analytics: The new wave of information and the online fan community that is driving the field”. You can view the lecture on Livestream.

I’m currently a hockey analyst for the CBC Edmonton News, making weekly appearances on the evening newscast, and also provide analysis on CBC Radio. I’ve done some freelance work for The Athletic Edmonton, The Copper & Blue, and Hockey in Society, and made regular appearances on TSN Radio. You can also check out my own show, The SuperFan Podcast.

I’m also a former member of the University of Alberta Alumni Council and the Senate. Related posts can be found under the Alumni Council category.

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