CBC Radio Active: Re-cap of game one between the Oilers and Avalanche

I joined Rod Kurtz on CBC Radio Active to recap game one between the Edmonton Oilers and Colorado Avalanche. Full segment is here: CBC Radio Active (2022, June 1)

Topics we covered:

  • The Cale Makar goal at the end of the first period of game one and if it should have been offside or not.
  • The Oilers issues with game ones in the playoffs.
  • The Oilers goaltending, Mike Smith’s struggles, and if a change should be made for game two.
  • The areas for concern, what the Avalanche did well and where the Oilers defence struggled.
  • Potential roster tweaks the Oilers could make to find an edge, benefits of playing Dylan Holloway and potentially going with seven defencemen to reduce Nurse’s ice time.

Thanks as always to the great team at CBC for putting it all together!


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