The Progress of Martin Marincin

usa-today-8468000.0Draft. Develop. Deploy.

Seems easy enough in professional sports, but it appears that some teams like theEdmonton Oilers are still figuring out how to build a team from within. Defense, especially, has been a challenge for the Oilers to solidify as over the past decade management has often rushed prospects into the NHL and forced players, including external hires, into positions that they’re not quite qualified for.

We’re in the midst of yet another summer where the Oilers are hoping to solidify their defense core either through trade or free agency. There is, however, some hope that a prospect or two can continue progressing in their overall development and maybe even make the jump to becoming a full time NHL defenceman in the next year. While Oscar Klefbom blossoms at the NHL level, and Darnell Nurse possibly heading (hopefully) to the AHL next season, both of whom appear to be part of the foundation of the club going forward, there is some question as to what role 23-year old Martin Marincin will have as an Oiler.

Full article is at The Copper & Blue.

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