Joining The Copper and Blue to be joining The Copper and Blue as a contributor. I’ve been a long time reader of the website and look forward to working with a great group.

My first post is up. I discuss the development of young Martin Marincin.

A lot of my ideas about the game come from articles at The Copper and Blue. A lot of writers have had a huge impact on me, especially people like Jonathan Willis, Bruce McCurdy and Derek Zona, all of whom have ties to C&B. So it means a lot to be writing for the website now. Should also note that C&B was a big inspiration for my final research paper in grad school. It’s a fantastic example of fan-generated content that has pushed the development of new information and ideas. Examples include the Top 25 Under 25 series and a lot of the early analytics work by Derek.

I’ll be posting every few weeks there, really expanding on what I currently do here at The SuperFan. So really, I now have two channels to push my Bring-Back-Horcoff agenda.

Appreciate all the support I’ve received recently. Big thanks to C&B managing editor Ryan Batty for the invite. The guy is a gem.

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