CBC Radio Active: Oilers are back in town

I joined Jessica Ng on CBC Radio Active to talk Oilers and preview their fifth game against the Los Angeles Kings. Full segment is here: CBC Radio Active (2023, April 25)

Topics we covered:

  • How the Oilers have started in each of their first four games, and what needs to improve.
  • The Oilers overall performance, what they’ve done well and where they’ll need to improve. Had posted an article last night on this as well.
  • Why Stuart Skinner should remain as the starting goalie for the Oilers.
  • The Oilers scoring issues, and how the Oilers depth players can make an impact.
  • The penalties being called and why we should expect the volume of calls to drop. Referenced this piece by Cam Charron from The Athletic.
  • The idea of Dylan Holloway getting some minutes in the playoffs.

Thanks as always to the team at CBC for putting it all together.


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