Remembering Adrienne Pan

Very saddened to hear about the passing of Adrienne Pan. Such an incredible person that did so much for the community and for those around her. She’ll be deeply missed.

I’ll never forget how kind and supportive she was to me, especially when I first started doing television segments with her on the CBC Edmonton news. She was such a positive person, so approachable. I learned so much from her about public speaking and connecting with a broader audience. Adrienne was the one who offered me a regular spot on the news to talk Oilers and was so encouraging – and her support continued over the years.

Looking back now, I realized how much effort she would put into the Oiler segments to make it better for the audience, really challenging me and others along the way. She would always push for new topics to discuss, wanting to go past the main storylines around the Oilers. Knowing that I liked talking about stats, she worked with the CBC team to develop television graphics and slides that we could present – again, wanting to do more than simple box-score stats. And to make our segments interactive, Adrienne had set-up Facebook Live sessions where viewers could send in questions about the Oilers and I would share my thoughts. She was so professional and cared a lot about her work and what was presented, and pushed those around her to be better as well. I’ll forever be grateful for the opportunities she gave me and the support she provided along the way.

My deepest condoloences to her family and friends. And all of her colleagues at CBC Edmonton.

We’ll miss you, Adrienne.


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