CBC Edmonton News (TV): Win against Carolina, ice time among forwards and Lucic’s production

cbc edmonton logoI joined Min Dhariwal on the CBC Edmonton News to talk all things Oilers. Clip is here and starts at the 15:50 mark: CBC Edmonton News (2018, March 21)

Topics we covered:

  • Fun win against Carolina and the contributions from the depth players.
  • Importance of Cam Talbot bouncing back, and the improved penalty kill.
  • Tempering expectations even though the Oilers are 8-5-1. The underlying numbers have been trending downwards.
  • Ice time among the forwards since the trade deadline and giving Puljujaarvi more opportunities on the powerplay.
  • Lucic’s struggles, especially at even-strength, and how he ranks when it comes to points per 60.
  • Upcoming games against Ottawa and Los Angeles.

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