Discussing the current state of the Oilers on the CBC Edmonton News (TV) and CBC Radio Active

cbc edmonton logoI joined Adrienne Pan on the CBC Edmonton News on Thursday evening to discuss the Oilers. Clip is here and starts around the 18 minute mark: CBC Edmonton News (2017, November 23)

Couple things we touched on:

  • The Oilers brutal record and the realistic possibility of the team missing the playoffs. Worth checking out Tyler Dellow’s article at The Athletic on when teams are technically out of the playoff running.
  • The decisions made by Todd McLellan this season.
  • Chiarelli’s track record when it comes to trades.
  • How Cammalleri has fit in thus far.
  • Upcoming games against the Sabres and Bruins.

I also made an appearance on CBC Radio Active in Edmonton to discuss the Oilers on Wednesday November 22nd. I’ll post the audio once it becomes available online.

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