Discussing the game seven loss and the Oilers off-season on the CBC Edmonton News (TV)


I joined Adrienne Pan on the CBC Edmonton News to talk about the game seven loss in Anaheim and what to expect from the Oilers this off-season. Clip is here and starts around the seven minute mark: CBC Edmonton News (2017, May 11)

Topics we covered:

  • Game seven, and how both teams did in terms of shot attempts (Data from HockeyStats.ca)
  • Which players stood out for good and bad reasons in the post-season
  • The play of Draisaitl and his upcoming contract
  • What areas of their roster the Oilers need to address in the off-season

And with the Oilers out of the playoffs, this was my last regular appearance on the news for the season. I had a lot of fun working with Adrienne and the production crew at CBC – they’re a talented group that does amazing work.

I might be on the CBC Edmonton News occasionally during the off-season, but will be back doing regular segments in the fall.

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