Talking Oilers and Re-capping Game 4 on the CBC Edmonton News (TV) and CBC Radio Active


I joined Adrienne Pan on the CBC Edmonton News to talk about the blowout loss in San Jose and what we can expect for game five. Clip is here and starts around the 10 minute mark: CBC Edmonton News (2017, April 19).

Topics we covered:

  • What went wrong in game four
  • What areas the team will need to improve on
  • Compared the goal and shot metrics at even-strength over the first four games


I also joined Portia Clark on CBC Radio Active in the afternoon to talk about the loss and preview game five. Clip is here: What Happened to the Oilers Last Night? – CBC Radio Active (2017, April 19)

Big thank you to the crews at both shows. They do an awesome job putting it all together and make it all very enjoyable.

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