Bad News Sunday: Time for a reality check

After reading Minnia’s article on Friday, I felt pretty good about the team. She made some great points about the team’s progress, the impact different players have had, and how great McDavid has been. Ya know things aren’t so bad, I thought. The Oilers are first in the Pacific division. They’re getting 51.9% of the total shot attempts at even-strength. They’re getting 51% of the total goals scored. The powerplay is in the top 5. The penalty kill is in the top 10.

Then I watched the game on Friday night. And the sunshine-and-lollipops feelings went away. Okay, who am I kidding. My cold, bitter heart that’s endured so much losing because of this team didn’t let those feelings sink in for too long. We need to face it: this team has problems.

  1. Points are slipping away

After 30 games, the Oilers hold a record of 14-11-5. They sit first as of this writing, but could very well be out of the top three in their division by the end of the night. Their points percentage, the points divided by the total available points, is 0.550. To put this into perspective, a 0.550 points percentage was good enough for eighth place in the Western conference last season. Not only are the Oilers very mediocre up to this point, but so is their division, and pretty much the entire West. And the Oilers still haven’t been able to capitalize. They couldn’t beat the Coyotes this year. They couldn’t beat the Sabres. And they’ve consistently left points on the table against teams they should be competing against, like Minnesota, for a playoff spot.

Full article is at The Copper & Blue.

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