Talking Oilers, lineup changes, unknown Finnish players on The Lowdown with Lowetide

Joined Lowetide this morning on TSN 1260 talk Oilers. Audio below:

Couple notes:

  • For those interested, a great new source of hockey data is Corsica Hockey. War on Ice is shutting down after this season, but Manny Elk is looking to replace it and introduce some pretty neat tools. Definitely check it out and consider donating to support his work. His project is going to be very transparent, and is intended for public use and knowledge development (things that are critical for modern day fans…can’t say enough about it).
  • I mentioned Patrick Maroon as being very good at getting to rebounds (defined by Corisca Hockey as shots taken within two seconds of the original shot). Rebounds are only part of the game, but they can still give us insight on which players are getting to rebounds, and also which are on the ice for rebounds against (good way to analyze defenceman). I looked into this last week at Copper and Blue.
  • If you’re interested to learn more about the Oilers newest signing Jere Sallinen, definitely check out Bruce McCurdy’s work as well as Jeff Velilette’s. I’ll admit my knowledge of European leagues is limited, so I tend to look to others for insight.
  • I also mentioned the Oilers Nation podcast, North by NorthGretz, which you can listen to here.

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