The Oilers and Rebounds

An area that I expected the Oilers to improve upon this season was overall shot generation and creating chances around the opponents net. This was mainly due to the fact that Todd McLellan had a lot of success in San Jose relying heavily on volume shooting to control the possession battle and win games.

Volume shooting, I don’t know what that does to Corsi or Fenwick because I don’t even know what those things are, but volume shooting is important. I think it breaks down defensive zone coverages, gets players out of position, taxes the opposition, makes them play more minutes in their zone. – Todd McLellan (Source)

Couple things to keep in mind when it comes to McLellan’s volume shooting. From my own analysis last summer, I found that a higher proportion of shot attempts (i.e., Corsi) came from the defence core in San Jose when McLellan was coaching. It was also found in the data from zone entry projects that McLellan’s Sharks weren’t very strong in the neutral zone, but found success by dumping the puck frequently and generating chances off of that (Source: Hockey Graphs).

So far it looks like the Oilers have implemented McLellan’s tactics and have improved when it comes to overall shot attempts per 60 minutes at 5v5. The issue is that they still allow a lot of shot attempts, so they haven’t exactly seen their share of shot attempts improve much (Source: Corsica Hockey).

Full article is at The Copper & Blue.

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