Bringing Back David Perron

There is no doubt that there will be changes across the Oilers roster between now and October. The defence is in need of a massive overhaul, especially on the right side, and the forward group will likely be tinkered with in an attempt to acquire defencemen and to make cap space to potentially sign defencemen.

There’s a good chance that Teddy Purcell, a free agent as of July 1st,  will be moved at the deadline. There’s also the chance that young talent like Jordan Eberle and/or Nail Yakupov could be moved out to acquire a defenceman. This leaves the Oilers management with a few options for the 2016/17 season. They could move Zack Kassianover to his natural side on the right and have him play with either Leon Draisaitl or Connor McDavid. The Oilers could also shift Draisaitl to the wing and slot in Ryan Nugent-Hopkins to center him and Hall. Maybe Yakupov stays and moves up to the top six, but the way things are gong for him, and really the lack of ice time he’s been getting, has me wondering if he even has a future with the club.

Full article is at The Copper & Blue.

One thought on “Bringing Back David Perron

  1. Not a chance Perron comes back, he hated it in Edmonton. He saw first hand how everything revolved around the core players and how they had 0 responsibility .
    The last game is a great example of this, Eberle falls asleep at the wheel and the opposing player coast in to tap in an easy goal. If that was Yak, he would be stapled to the bench, not Eberle though, same P.P minutes and nothing changes.
    You don’t think that bothers other players on the team, that some players aren’t accountable.
    It’s been like this for years, this is McDavid’s team now and management needs to show this.
    If they don’t have at least a #2 d man by next season, then there truly is no hope. easily the worst d in the league. Maybe the Oilers can ask for the 2 top picks they spent on Rinehart back.

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