Turning Edmonton into a High-Event Team

One of the most entertaining teams to watch this season have been the Dallas Stars. With a well constructed roster, they’re near the top of the league when it comes to goals and points percentage, and have also posted some excellent underlying numbers as well at even-strength (Source: War on Ice and Hockey Reference).

Dallas Stars – 2015/16 (5v5)

Record 35-15-5 3rd
Points% 0.636 2nd
Goals For% 52.8% 5th
Corsi For% (Adjusted) 53.8% 2nd
Scoring Chances For% 54.5% 2nd
Shots For% 52.8% 5th
Save% 91.9% 20th
Shooting% 8.1% 6th

The Stars really rely on being a high-event team, meaning they generate a high number of shots that are well above the league average, but they also allow shots, which has them closer to the league average. They currently rank second overall in total shot attempts per 60 (both for and against), but are one of the few teams, really in the history of the league, that are on the ice for that many shots but still posts a Corsi For% above 51%. This makes for some very entertaining hockey as they don’t seem to mind exchanging chances with opponents, playing more of a high risk, high reward style, and are having success scoring goals.

Full article is at The Copper & Blue.

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