The First 10 Games

With training camp completed and the regular season set to begin, there remains questions about the roster and how competitive they will be in 2015/2016. Depending on your tolerance and distribution of risks, you could make a case that goaltending and defence are the teams biggest weaknesses. There’s plenty of inexperience at both of those positions, with defence especially lacking NHL calibre depth.

It’s been made obvious by GM Peter Chiarelli that they’ll be assessing the roster regularly, with the phrase “10 game segment” being uttered again today. There are plenty of question marks around the roster with players such as Justin Schultz, Griffin Reinhart and Anton Slepyshev needing to prove themselves at the NHL level. It’s my hope that this team remain competitive past December, and that management makes roster adjustments as needed.

I put together some high-level metrics using the past performance of the Oilers division rivals to establish some reasonable goals for the first month. What we know from extensive research is that teams that have the puck more often, that outscore their opponents and that get average goaltending tend to remain competitive. It’s not a guarantee that you’ll win the cup, but there’s a good chance you can make the playoffs if you have a few of these boxes checked.

Full article is at The Copper & Blue.

One thought on “The First 10 Games

  1. Everyone talks about the d being the weak point, when you have Purcell as your starting right winger , what is that saying about your forwards. He is a 3rd line player at best and won’t be re signed. Meanwhile Yak is buried on the 3 Rd line and playing with who ever happens to be on the 3rd line. If you don’t believe in Yak , then trade him.

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