Finding Keepers

usa-today-8502313.0I really do respect what goalies do for a living. I would just much rather spend extra money and assets on defencemen and centers. There should rarely be a high acquisition cost for goalies as there are always options available to general managers. Ideally a team should be able to draft and develop a netminder or two, but teams can leverage various channels to enhance or replace their goalkeeping as needed. Whether it be through trade, free agency or dipping into the AHL or overseas pool, there will always be goalie options for general managers.

This off-season is absolutely a buyer’s market for those seeking a goaltender. With plenty of options available in free agency, and the fact that other teams are looking to off-load a goalie, the price of acquiring a netminder should not be high. Cam Talbot is one of the options out there as he’s done well in New York as the backup to Henrik Lundqvist, and has shown some very promising underlying numbers. But the thought of sending a first round pick or two second round picks for someone like Cam Talbot, who at 27 has only started 53 NHL games, to me at least, is bewildering.

Full article is at The Copper & Blue.

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