The SuperFan Podcast – Episode 8 – Darcy McLeod (aka Woodguy)

3000by3000 (1)This week on the podcast, I was joined by Darcy McLeod, also known as Woodguy online. Darcy and I chatted about the Oilers progress this season, what some of the drivers have been and potential areas for concern. We also discussed goaltending, and prospect development/deployment, and how the Oilers could handle their line-up in the short-term and long-term. Darcy also shared the story and methodology behind PuckIQ – a fantastic resource that allows fans to see how individual players have fared against varying levels of competition.

Big thank you to Darcy for sharing his knowledge and insight!

Full segment below:

Links mentioned in the podcast:

Podcast channels:

Music: Anitek. “Show me.” Anitek Instrumentals Vol. 4, 2010.



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