Discussing the Oilers, the Expansion Draft and the NHL Awards on the CBC Edmonton News (TV)

I joined Min Dhariwal on the CBC Edmonton News to talk Oilers, and how they’ll be impacted by the expansion draft. We also touched on McDavid’s chances of winning the Hart trophy, and why he has the edge over Crosby. Clip is here and starts at the 18:30 mark: CBC Edmonton News (2017, June 21)

Topics we covered:

  • The Las Vegas Golden Knights were rumored to be taking defenceman Griffin Reinhart. This really isn’t a huge loss, but we can’t forget what the Oilers gave up to acquire him.
  • How the Golden Knights were going to approach the draft. Figured they would be looking for long-term assets (i.e., younger players who would be under team control for a while) and draft picks. Realistically, the only way they’ll get a superstar player is through the draft, so they should be doing whatever they can to load up on high draft picks.
  • Why McDavid deserves the Hart.
  • Award nominations for Chiarelli and McLellan (which really should go to McDavid if they somehow win)


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