The Oilers Goal-scoring Slump + Radio spot (TSN 1260)

Joined Lowetide on Monday morning on TSN 1260 to talk all things Oilers, including the young defencemen and what to expect over the next week. Clip starts around the 25 minute mark.

The Oilers are currently mired in a goal-scoring slump at 5v5. Their season’s share of goals is still at 51.4%, 11th in the league, but they’ve only outscored their opponents by one goal (61-60). What’s especially troubling is that since their hot start in October when they held a 58% goal-share over the first nine games, they’re had a 47.8% goal-share ever since. Here’s how things are looking by breaking out the season into 10-game rolling averages.


Each point represents the average goal-share over the preceding 10 games. The first dot is the 10th game against Toronto, with the 52% representing the first 10 games. The next dot represents games 2-11, with the 11th game being the one against New York. I have the opponents listed on the axis to give a sense of what the competition was like over the 10 games.

Over the most recent ten games, the Oilers have had a goal-share of 43%, which represents their low point to date. The team’s shooting percentage is around 6.3%, slightly lower than the league average. Considering the talent on this team, we can hope that bounces back.

Full article is at The Copper & Blue.


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