The Oilers and One-Goal Leads

After blowing two one-goal leads last night against the Predators, I thought it would be worth looking into the underlying numbers to see what might be going on with the Oilers. This wasn’t the first time the Oilers played so poorly with the lead as it’s felt like a reoccurring issue since the start of the season.

Now you could make the case that the Oilers have poor underlying numbers in all score situations at 5v5 to begin with. And that it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’re bad with a one goal lead, which is fair. Below are the Oilers numbers when it comes to their share of shot attempts, scoring chances, and goals for, along with shooting and save percentage (5v5) this season in all score situations and when they lead by one (Source: War on Ice).

Corsi For% 49.3% (18th) 44.2% (22nd)
Scoring Chances For% 49.3% (21st) 42.1% (25th)
Goals For% 43.7% (29th) 34.8% (29th)
Shooting% 7.0% (21st) 7.7% (12th)
Save% 91.5% (27th) 88.7% (30th)


Full article is at The Copper & Blue.

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