Corsi Percentage Combinations

With the trade deadline coming up, I thought it’d be worth looking at how the different combination of forwards and defencemen have done this season when it comes to Corsi at even-strength (5v5). I focused on the seven regular defencemen, who have played at least 30 games, and the forwards who have played at least 300 minutes. I also included Kassian who has only played 160 minutes, but is active on the roster. Got this idea for a high level analysis from Travis Yost who continues to do some great work for TSN.

Below is a table of the different combinations and their Corsi For% at even-strength. The team Corsi For% is 48.9%, good for 18th in the league. So if a combinations’ Corsi For% was above that I colored it blue. And if it was below, it’s orange (Source: Hockey Analysis).


Full article is at The Copper & Blue.

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