Talking about the loss last night, options on defence, goaltending and more on The Lowdown with Lowetide

Joined Lowetide this morning on TSN 1260 to discuss the loss in Chicago, the goaltending, the upcoming week and other roster-related matters. Audio below.

Couple of notes:

  • I mentioned that Talbot’s first 10 games as an Oilers are similar to his start as the number one goalie in New York last season. That and additional comparables are in my latest post over at The Copper & Blue.
  • My colleague at C&B, Bituman, also took a look at how the Oilers have done at limiting shot attempts this season and season’s prior. Spoiler: they haven’t been good.
  • Highly recommend Matt Henderson’s article over at OilersNation that talks about the young talent we have on defence. I know the Oilers get a lot of grief about how poorly they’ve drafted defencemen, but we have some very nice pieces on the left side.
  • I also looked at where the Oilers rank league-wide this season when it comes to even-strength minutes played by guys 24 and under. Oilers were 10th in the league heading into last night.
  • If you’re wondering where a good spot is to get game-by-game stats on linemates and competition, I highly recommend Natural Stat Trick and War on Ice. Last night’s game is here.

Thanks again to Lowetide for having me on. Always enjoy it.

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