Talking Oilers winning streak, goaltending and third pairing defencemen on The Lowdown with Lowetide

Joined Lowetide this morning to discuss the back-to-back road wins this weekend, as well as our current assessment of the roster. Also touched on the goaltending (which has been stellar thus far) and what we can expect in the next week with games against Detroit, Washington and LA coming up.

Couple links:

  • I wrote about some of the metrics I’ll be tracking in the first 10 games over at The Copper & Blue.
  • Speeds was on the show earlier. Full audio of his segment is over at SoundCloud.
  • Didn’t get to mention it, but the changes McLellan made on the powerplay are hopefully going to turn things around. Willis has a great post here.
  • Woodguy has a great article up on the Oilers defence. Highly, highly recommend checking it out at Because Oilers.

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