Racking Up the Frequent Flyer Miles

GettyImages-465725812.0Thanks to Dirk Hoag of On the Forecheck, we can see how many miles each team will be travelling this coming season. No surprise that the Oilers will be travelling quite a bit given their location in North America and the distance from most NHL cities. And of course, the eastern teams have an easier travel schedule as most of the cities are relatively close to one another along the eastern seaboard.

The Oilers will be travelling an additional 3,804 miles this season compared to the previous year. It’s over 9,000 miles above the average among the 30 NHL teams, ranking them second overall. It’s a little absurd, but that’s just the reality given Edmonton’s location and the league’s balanced schedule. Here’s how much they’ve traveled historically, and compared to the average.

Full article is at The Copper & Blue.

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