Great to see that Oilogosphere has its own wikipedia page. A brief excerpt:

The Oilogosphere is the name collectively applied to blogs that cover the Edmonton Oilers ice hockey team. They are widely considered to be among the best and most popular hockey blogs on the internet, with Globe and Mail sportswriter James Mirtle estimating in late 2007 that “five or six” of the best hockey blogs were members of the Oilogosphere.

The Oilogosphere averages 10,000 hits per day not counting people who visit the official Oilers site or read the sports stories online.

The wiki cites work done by David Staples of the Edmonton Journal. David is pretty active himself writing about the Oilers and provides new ways to measure player performance on his blog The Cult of Hockey.

Blogs considered to be part of the Oilogosphere can be found in the links section to the right. It’s not just the blogs and their writers that make up this group. Regular fans have to be included as well since they do a lot of the reading and sharing of this information. The reason these blogs have been so successful is because they remain open to everyone and not just Oiler bloggers. Writers regularly respond to reader comments leading to some interesting discussions.

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