CBC Edmonton News (TV): Pre-season results, emerging players and previewing tonight’s game against Arizona

cbc edmonton logoI joined host Sandra Batson on the CBC Edmonton News to discuss all things Oilers. Clip is here and starts at the 18:45 mark: CBC Edmonton News (2018, September 27)

Topics we covered:

  • Ty Rattie’s pre-season performance and what the Oilers can expect from the forward.
  • Jesse Puljujärvi’s development and how he’s fared on a line with Ryan Strome.
  • Backup goaltending position and Mikko Koskinen’s struggles.
  • Preview of tonight’s game against the Arizona Coyotes, including the projected line combinations.

2 thoughts on “CBC Edmonton News (TV): Pre-season results, emerging players and previewing tonight’s game against Arizona

  1. I am happy with the pre-season because of HOW Players are scoring goals…certain players have been put in perfect dynamic situations from which they may succeed…and those ones focused upon this way HAVE IN FACT PRODUCED AT ABOVE NORMAL LEVELS upon being put into proper supportive dynamics.Players like Rattie and Pully and to a lesser degree Yamo and Boosh have had their Coaches and linemates work their arses off producing perfect on-ice dynamics from which these RWs may toot their own horns and score goals using their individual strengths .This bodes well because it shows the Oilers Coaches are respecting the NHS and Moma2 and they are following specific player implementation suggestions properly…the question is this…when it comes to the regular season will the Oilers braintrust be able to accurately analyse and engage opponents within their PRE-GAME tactics and Planning….will they know when and where to use what assets now in Macro-Dynamics or via SYSTEM AND PROCESS now that they are finally learning how to optimally implement those assets in micro-dynamics or via playaction management….Pully is scoring how and from where he has always found the most success in his career because he is being supported in doing so…same with Rattie….and to a lesser degree Boosh….its Yamo who has been given the largest task IMHO because his already mature 2-way vision and play have meant he is low maintenance and as a result he has been less catered to and has been put on a line with Milan the most difficult Oiler to play with…difficult because Milan actually does his job better than anyone else including McDavid…you MUST play around the periphery of Milans strengths to optimise him and he MUST BE OPTIMISED for the Team to find consistant success….it is my fear that Yamo has not been given this extra attention and support and has been thrown to the Wolves into a dynamic alongside Milan that some very very good NHL Players could not make Hay in….it has been hard for Oilers to mate up with Milans strengths with terminal tactical support ,now that the NHL has evolved into a smaller quicker league this is even harder to do…hopefully the Oilers follow Moma2s recent advice on using Yamo with Leon and Milan as they have successfully done with other Players already this pre-Season.

  2. IMHO Goaltending is the most difficult position to evaluate during pre-season and the Gap between NA and KHL Goalie mentalities is even bigger when you are facing AHL and NHL players who are always taking high risks and are always bringing their A-games trying to make Clubs…Mikko must be unfortunately for the Oilers because of a higher risk factor further into a regular season….this is to Mikkos advantage and he has already alluded to the facts that he is only now getting comfortable and he believes he has not yet played his best hockey but will as we go along…he feels he is getting better and I agree but we will STILL have to wait another 5-10 NHL games to be sure….I have noticed small changes in Talbots style although he claims he did not change anything as one would expect from an NHL Goalie who wants to be hard to read.These changes have reaped rewards for Cam however he is now using higher-risk body mechanics….meaning he is now using core value movements and sequences which put him at a HIGHER RISK OF BEING INJURED…and YES HE LOOKS SHARP EARLY….but IMHO he and his G-Coach have made some borderline derelict decisions because of how much Cam needs to play to remain in his sweet zone ….the more he plays fatigued the more this higher risk of injury is extrapolated.I find it extremely difficult to judge Goalies without Regular Season NHL competition on the ice…so we must temper our expectations with Cams success so far and also with Mikkos steady improvements…..maybe Cam cools off and maybe Mikko misses a step…or maybe we are on track and Cam stays hot and Mikko continues to evolve upwardly….this guessing game is why we all love hockey so much.

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