Analytics Roundtable on TSN 1260

If you’re interested in analytics, Jason Gregor hosted a roundtable on TSN 1260 featuring Lowetide, Darcy “Woodguy” McLeod and Michael Parkatti. The group discussed some of the key metrics, how they’re applied, and what some of the limitations might be. Below is a link to the audio.


  • I’ve always been interested in the metrics that have been derived from analytics such as shot shares, Corsi and PDO. So it’s always great to hear that more people are interested in it and are raising new questions to consider. Digging into the numbers is a big part of being a modern-day fan. It reflects the curious nature of human beings, pushing the knowledge and information that surrounds the game of hockey.
  • For me, numbers are  especially useful when confronted with bogus hockey information and speculation. Years ago, we would hear about trade rumors for instance and often take things for face value. Now, we can quickly dispel some of the bad information by knowing things like salary information and on-ice data like time on ice. It’s important to consider that this additional layer of analysis can be misleading if taken out of context. This is when individuals have to take an active role in critically assessing whatever information is presented.
  • And just to be clear, this type of analysis isn’t for everybody. If analyzing the data and metrics doesn’t enhance your enjoyment of the game, don’t worry about it. The numbers really are a way to get into the game and supplement some of the discussions we have on a day to day basis as fans. The best way to make use of the data is to come in with questions and be willing to expand your scope of knowledge and understanding. Analytics really is a continuous process and should never result in a final product.

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