Thoughts on the Oilers defence, improved play, Hamonic + Radio Hit

Joined Lowetide on TSN 1260 on Monday morning to discuss the Oilers. Link is below.


Couple thoughts:

  • It sounds like Schultz will be back this week, but I’m not sure where he would fit. Sekera-Nurse has been good and neither has a history playing with Schultz. Klefbom was his partner late last season and earlier this year, but they’re a hot mess in their own zone. I’d rather Klefbom stick with Fayne who has been playing a lot better as of late. I’d stick Schultz on that third pairing with Davidson, but slot him in strategically when the club is in the offensive zone and on the powerplay.
  • Since Schultz left the team with a back injury, the Oilers have allowed five fewer shot attempts against per 60 (CA/60 55.7 with Schultz, 52.0 without him). I thought the team would suffer offensively, but they actually improved (47.7 CF/60 with Schultz, 53.5 without).
  • Regarding Hamonic, I wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t moved until the deadline when GM’s are pushing for playoff spots. He’s a great defenceman, but I don’t think the Oilers have the assets to acquire him. Long Island obviously wants a defenceman, and I can’t imagine the Oilers dealing Nurse or Klefbom. If there’s a third team involved that needs a winger, I could see the Oilers moving Eberle or Yakupov to finalize a trade. Hamonic is a great defenceman, but I don’t know if he’d be considered elite at this point. That contract though might be worth throwing in a first round pick to land.
  • That loss against the Capitals definitely stings, but we’ve seen games like that before over the past few seasons. The biggest problem for the Oilers is playing the next game after a performance like that. If they can beat the Hurricanes (who are terrible this year), then I might feel better about the loss.
  • The Oilers have an adjusted Corsi For % of 51.4% in the month of November, which is a big improvement from their first month (48.0%). The issue I’m seeing is that they aren’t generating enough high danger chances, and when they do get them, they’re not converting (last night was a prime example). Still a ways away from contending for a playoff spot, but the team has looked a lot better compared to the last few seasons.
  • Honestly did not think Leon Draisaitl would produce at this rate. And I really didn’t think he would hold his own as a center. He’s had some outstanding games like the one against Pittsburgh, but I don’t think we need to fret about dealing away a center. Leon hasn’t established himself just yet, so RNH, who has taken on the best competition on a nightly basis, should not be expendable at this point.


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One thought on “Thoughts on the Oilers defence, improved play, Hamonic + Radio Hit

  1. Dealing a centre???? Are you kidding me??? When will a centre ever be expendable? That’s tight, they won’t! Play the so called expendable centre on the wing! Easier to play wing then magically find a centre!! I’d be fine with 6 centre men in the lineup!! Centre expendable, ha ha good one!!!

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