Talking Klefbom contract, Defence pairings and Anders Nilsson on The Lowdown with Lowetide

Joined Lowetide this morning to discuss Oscar Klefbom’s contract, the Oilers defence pairings in training camp and the odds of Anders Nilsson making the team. Full interview is below.

Couple of notes:

The Klefbom signing involves risk, but it’s a smart, calculated bet that I think will pay off for both sides. Couple of articles that sum it up very nicely:

The defence is already starting to shape up but it’s still weak, in my opinion. Lots of question marks (Ference, Nikitin) and I think the players that the team invested in will get a longer leash than others. I definitely see Reinhart in the mix, with Ference potentially being in and out of the lineup. Couple of articles I wrote recently that looked at how McLellan paired players and how he handled offensive defencemen.

I think Anders Nilsson definitely has a shot at making the Oilers opening night roster. Goalies really are readily available, are have the ability to provide good to average goaltending. It also wouldn’t suprise me if Scrivens bounces back. Couple articles worth a read:

Always enjoy being on Al’s show. I just need to sharpen up my AHL geography and I’ll be good to go this season. 😉

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