Green and Glow Winterfest, President’s Circle, Golden Bears Hockey, You Can Play Partnership

In case you missed it, full highlights from the Green and Glow Winterfest are posted online. Video below and a Storify link is up. The weekend had something for everyone. Pretty fantastic turnout for one of the key events to celebrate the Alumni Association’s centenary. Congrats to everyone involved in the planning!

Also part of the 100th anniversary will be the unveiling of the President’s Circle on campus. A sculpture of Alexander Rutherford and Henry Marshall Tory is slated for fall of 2015.

Congrats to the Golden Bears hockey team on winning (another) Canada west title. They’ll be the number one seed for the third year in a row at the University Cup finals.

And finally, the U of A has partnered with the You Can Play initiative. Our campus has always been welcoming to everyone, regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation. It’s great to see the U of A take the lead at the CIS level.

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