Alumni Council – 2013-2014 Annual Report

University of Alberta

University of Alberta

Just wrapped up my first year with the Alumni Council. A pretty great experience representing the Faculty of Extension and working with a very dynamic group. Each person brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, and a commitment to represent the U of A alumni from around the world.

A couple of highlights from the Alumni Association’s 2013-2014 Annual Report that I thought would be worth sharing:

  • There are currently 255,296 living alumni, with 75% living in Alberta.
  • The number of U of A alumni volunteering grew substantially over the past year. There are a ton of ways for students and alumni to get involved either on campus or in their communities. Definitely check out the Alumni Association website for more information.
  • The study completed by Dr. Briggs and Dr. Jennings that showcased the impact U of A alumni have had on the global economy really stood out this year. If you’re interested, the entire report is available online.
  • The events hosted by the Alumni Association were well attended. There really is something for everyone, so definitely check out the events page.

I also want to point out that fundraising is definitely a goal, but it’s only a part of what the Alumni Association is about. Through various programs and events, this group is committed to keeping students and alumni engaged with the U of A and fostering a positive relationship with the greater community. Whether it’s through volunteering, attending a scotch tasting event on campus or taking a break from studying at ProcrastiNite, students and alumni can stay in touch with campus and be part of a very unique community.

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