Hockey Mashups

Some fantastic examples of creativity among hockey fans this week. Great timing as the topic of net neutrality continues to be debated.

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These mashups serve as a nice reminder that the “remix culture” continues to support creativity among hockey fans.

Recreating the famous Bobby Orr goal that won the Stanley Cup in 1970 using Lego:

Goalie helmets design inspired by Star Wars (via Yahoo! Puck Daddy)




OilersNation is hosting another photoshop contest. Some fantastic entries including this one:

Source: Oilersnation

Source: Oilersnation








And TSN turned their NHL panel into an 8-bit video game.


These examples are a great  reason why the internet must always remain open to anyone and everyone. Any sort of legislation that splits internet service levels into different tiers disrupts the flow of new, creative content. Expression of culture is important for human beings, who use the content to connect with others, establish a positive online environment and build information/knowledge. It’s also worth noting that the entire field of hockey analytics relies on the accessibility of the internet to build and share new ways of understanding the game.

Remix culture is alive and well in the NHL fan community. Let’s keep the internet open. #netneutrality

2 thoughts on “Hockey Mashups

    • The way the team is right now, I don’t even think the force will make a difference. 😉

      And I can’t cheer for the Habs. Will not hear the end of it from friends and family who support them!

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