Teaching a Blogging Course

thinking-manHappy to announce that I’ll be teaching a short course on blogging this spring. The course is available through Next Step Continuing Education. It’ll be held on Thursday April 10th in Sherwood Park, Alberta.

I’ll definitely be relying on some of the concepts I picked up as a student in the MACT program. Without getting too deep into theory, one of my objectives is to promote the information and knowledge development that happens on blogs and in online communities. With more and more people getting online and producing content, I think it’s critical that people have a basic understanding on how to contribute and navigate online.

I’ll be sharing my experience with the tool and give some insight on how to use blogging for personal projects as well as in business, education and government.

Here’s the official description over at the Next Step Continuing Education website:

Find out about the foundational concepts of blogging and strategies to maintain a successful one. Also explore the benefits of working in an online environment and how to effectively use social media applications.

It’s available to everyone, so please share with anyone you know that might be interested.

To register for the class, click here: Next Step Continuing Education

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