Outside the Glass: Linking the “Virtual Self” to Hockey Analytics

Hockey in Society / Hockey dans la société

By Sunil Agnihotri

Hockey analytics has become an important component of the participatory culture surrounding the game. Anyone within the hockey community, including fans and league managers, can use numerous tools and techniques to detect patterns in the data available, in order to follow and understand the game. The NHL as well as mainstream media websites provides ample data for people to work with, while others “outside” of the game, including fans and independent organizations, can develop their own data and methods to complete analysis.

Hockey analytics can be done by anyone with a computer and basic software, depending on how large of a dataset is being examined, that’s why computers are so useful and people use them to play video games using the best gaming mouse for counter strike online. The analytic models are dependent on an individual’s or communities’ creativity and rationale, so effective measurement of performance are…

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