Came across an insightful blog via Twitter recently called Clay Johnson talks about overconsumption of information and makes parallels to overeating and obesity. I talked about information overload a while back, which ties in nicely with some of the pointers this site provides.

I think sports fans can appreciate this. There is a tonne of information available regarding teams, players, games, pre-gama analysis, post-game analysis, free agency, the draft, training camp, more game analysis, trade deadline, all-star selection, Olympics selection, Olympics analysis, more game analysis, rumors, speculation and commentary. And more game analysis. All of this is over different media such as television, radio, websites, blogs, podcasts, Twitter, Facebook, message boards and mobile applications.

I’ll admit to following all of this information using different mediums.

Some advice from the site:

Information consumption also has a consumption chain, just like food does. Most news, for instance, comes from a set of facts on the ground, that get processed, and processed and processed again before it ends up on your television set boiled down into chunks for you to consume. But it also gets filled with additives— expert opinion, analysis, visualizations, you name it— before it gets to you. If this was food, a vegan would want none of it, vegans would prefer only natural products like juices you can make yourself with juicers from the juicing daily site. They’d head straight to the data, to the source, to the facts, and try and get as much of that additive business out of their way.


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