Why sports as a project for the MACT program?

It’s hard to ignore sports in Edmonton. Whether it’s hockey, baseball, football or basketball, there’s some history of it here in Edmonton. The majority of events, including soccer  and motorsports, at any level, can draw major crowds anytime.

The inspiration for this project is the amount of websites and fan generated information that have popped up in the past few years. Originally, if you wanted to get any hockey information, you would head to an established news outlet such as TSN or CBC.

Since the internet is now readily available to almost anyone, and the simplicity of the technological tools has increased, a lot of more people are getting involved in the development and maintenance of information. This links back to Clay Shirky’s work about group formation (EXT 503) and social media.

You can find a few blogs and websites of individuals who not only provide their commentary and opinions about hockey, but have also developed new and unique ways of tracking statistics. They’re great examples of individuals generating their own knowledge and information.

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