Bogus Rumours in Professional Hockey

Hockey in Society / Hockey dans la société

By Sunil Agnihotri

Since we’re in the midst of the NHL off-season, there are plenty of rumours and gossip circulating, which is no surprise since one of the biggest by-products of professional sports is speculation. We don’t know what will happen next and watch games to find out. The off-season is never dull, especially in Canada, with the draft being held, followed by the start of free agency. Both events are surrounded by rumours of player movement and team strategy before the season starts in October. Add to the fact that the Collective Bargaining Agreement between league owners and players has expired, putting the 2012/2013 season at risk, and you have quite the speculative content available for consumption.

Jonathan Willis of the Edmonton Journal’s Cult of Hockey blog recently compiled a list of some very bogus hockey rumours an individual had tweeted. These included rumours regarding where players were going…

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