Vancouver Canucks Fans & Punjabi Boliyan

Not a Canucks fan but appreciate sports fans and convergence culture.

After the Canucks won game 5 of the conference final against the Sharks, celebrations broke out across the west coast. Around Scott Road, where there’s a huge Punjabi population, a Canucks fan broke out into boliyan, a Punjabi folk verse to celebrate.

Boliyan are prominent around celebrations, such as weddings. Here, the fan decided to blend his culture with hockey and came out with this medley.

Translation of what he said…..

After many years of drought he finally brought along mango(s); he made a multitude of saves, may long live Luongo!

Gotta love pro sports.

Great blog post by cohort member on remix culture can also be found here.

Update: Why stop at one boli when you can make a whole bhangra song about the Canucks in Punjabi?

Here’s the story from the Abbotsford Times. Sony Dhugga of Abbotsford BC came up with this one.

Lyrics and translation to the Canucks Punjabi song can be found here. (Via Maple Leaf Sikh)


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